Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Investing is personal

At times like now, most investors especially those who are new and inexperience; or even those who have already taken some gains earlier are in a predicament not easy to rid off. If you are serious investors with little experience, your brain might now be functioning like a washing machine, round and round with all the unanswered questions:-

  • Dare I invest further?
  • If I dare, what shall I invest in?
  • Do I invest in gold, stock, share, bond, trust fund or commodities?
  • If recession is settling in, how long will it last?
  • Can inflation kill the economy?
  • What is affected, who will be affected?
  • What is the domino effect?
  • Fuel hike .... affects daily commodities .... affects interest rate

Don't even bother to think that anyone can give you a perfect answer; not even God.

For the right answers, search within, you should know yourself well and you just need to re-ask yourself some of these questions:-

  • What is my risk factor?
  • Is it worth all the stress you are getting?
  • Do you want to go on taking the risk?
  • Can you afford to invest long term?
  • How is your "gut" feeling right now?
  • How much profit shall I settle for?
  • How much loss (percentage and money wise) am I willing to take?

Frankly, investing is very personal. You and only you will be able to give you good advice. Use your logic.

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